Camps, Excursions & Activities

Camp: An optional camp is held annually for all students in grades three to six. This is generally a three to four day camp and is subsidised to keep costs as low as possible to families. Some of the camps our students have participated in include DOXA Malmsbury camp and Cottage By The Sea.


Sleepover: Our foundation to grade two students are invited to sleepover at school for one night in term four. Students enjoy a special dinner with their families, after which families go home, leaving students to participate in some fun games and a movie night.


Excursions: We have a variety of excursions throughout the year. These include fun pool days and visits to Kidstown. Teachers also plan trips to museums, galleries or attractions based around the topics students are studying in class.


Incursions: Visitors into our school include Bravehearts, Healthy Harold and the Life Ed team and a variety of presenters to enhance student learning. We also have volunteers who run special activities from time to time such as wood work.


Sport: Our students attend an inter school athletics carnival in Shepparton in term one each year where they have the opportunity to compete against other local small schools.

Grades four to six students are invited to run in the annual cross country and have the opportunity to progress to further events.


Swimming: All students participate in an intensive one week swimming lesson program at Aquamoves each year. Students have one lesson every day for the week.

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