School Profile

Mooroopna Park Primary School is a school of 120 students serving the greater Mooroopna area, a large provincial town within the City of Greater Shepparton.  The school, established in 1980, is set in a park like environment with spacious grounds for students to play in.


In 2022 there are 6 composite classrooms, allowing us to maintain smaller class sizes.  The school has a staff of approximately 20 including Principal, admin, teachers, aides, Speech Therapist, Chaplain, chef and Play Therapist. 


The school has a Student Family Occupation Index of 0.8159.  Approximately 40% of our students are Koorie and 15% come from culturally diverse backgrounds. 

Mooroopna Park Primary School enjoys the strong support of its parents, school council and staff.  Parent and community members are welcomed to the school and encouraged to participate in a range of activities, programs and avenues for giving feedback. 


We offer specialist programs such as art, music, physical education and health as well as instrumental music lessons. 


Mooroopna Park Primary School is a place where learning is valued and is supported by all. We develop in all students a sense of belonging and inclusion.  We strive to develop the three-way partnership of the student, parent and teacher to better create and achieve successful learning opportunities for all students. 

Our school takes a proactive approach to a supportive and caring environment through our Student Welfare & Wellbeing Program, which is supported by a full time Student Welfare Officer. Our Welfare Officer coordinates our Wellbeing program and links families in with various services both internal and external. In 2020 we won the Australian Education Award for the Best Wellbeing Program.


Our Wellbeing Program consists of a number of initiatives aimed at supporting families and improving learning opportunities for all students.  We have a full time chef onsite who caters for all of our students every day, free of charge. Our Speech Therapist provides assessment and therapy where necessary and our Chaplain provides counselling and support to improve our students emotional wellbeing. Our visiting paediatrician provides a clinic each month and our Play Therapist works with students referred by the Paediatrician. A visiting Koorie Education Support Officer (KESO) can provide assistance to families where needed and link them with further services and support.


The school strives to build pro-social behaviours for students to develop emotional intelligences. Support is offered through Peer Mediation, Cross Age Activities, Better Buddies programs and the Kiwanis Build A Bike Program. These strategies and programs impact upon issues such as bullying, conflict resolution, self esteem and developing resilience and help us to maintain a safe, pleasant working environment for the school community.  ‚Äč


Mooroopna Park Primary School’s vision is of students becoming autonomous life-long learners who contribute positively to our community.