Principal: Hayden Beaton




Business Manager: Tina Cameron
Admin/Welfare Officer: Lisa Hueston





Grade 5-6: Luke Sibley
Grade 4-5: Donna Walker
Grade 3-4: Danielle Sciuto
Grade 2-3: Melita Samovojska
Grade 1: Kate Blake & Luke Pearce
Grade F: Lauren Jeffery
Art: Wayne Jeffery
Health and PE/ Resilience Project: Brad Robinson
Band/Instrumental Music: Nicole Thorne


Speech Therapist / Tutoring Surabhi Budhiraja


Teacher Aides:

Joanne Vincitorio, Jae Watt, George Moutafis, Melissa Campbell, Kim McDonald, Janelle Jeffery


Chef: Chris Bell


Chaplain & Community Hub Leader: Brooke Bowles


Play Therapist: Emma Monteleone


Koorie Education Support Officer: Amy Walker


ESL Support: 

Priya Steer


Our school is fortunate to have an arrangement with Melbourne University to host fourth year Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy students, effectively giving us extra part time  therapists to work with our students. These students are supervised and work closely with our full time therapist, Surabhi.

Acknowledgement of Country